Act is a brand of espadrilles and accessories established in 2013 between Mallorca and Berlin. To a great extent informed by its Mediterranean origins, Act stands for a great attention to detail and strives to make products that are spontaneous and simple. Act only employs high quality materials and works with artisanal processes: its espadrilles are hand-made in Spain using 100% natural leather and suede. 

Sagard A4 Leather, Yellow

Sagard A4 Leather, Midnight Green

Arven Bicolor Mid-sole, Yellow

Ennart leather, Red

Ennart leather, Black

Arven A4 Bicolor, red and navy patent leather

Alvesta leather, Black

Alvesta leather, Grey

Alvesta leather, Green

Arven A4 Bicolor mid-sole, Blue

Arven A4 Bicolor mid-sole, Red

Arven Bicolor mid-sole, Black

Arven A4 Bicolor mid-sole, Green

Sade A4 suede, Anthracite

Sade A4 leather, Nude

Ault A4 leather, Green

Ault A4 Leather, Black

Ault A4 Leather, Grey

Arven A4 black colored mid-sole, Blue

Arven A4 Bicolred midsole, Green

Arven A4 Bicolor, Cream & red patent leather

Arven M Slippers A4, Black

Arven M Slippers A4, Bordeaux

Arven M Splippers A4, Midnight green

Arven M A4 leather Bordeaux

Arven M A4 bicolor, Midnight green

Arven M A4 bicolored Leather, Brown and Midnight Green

Ennart leather, Yellow

Chrome leather, Orange

Asdal leather, White/Yellow

Ennart leather, Orange

Cyan Leather, Orange

Arven leather, White

Chrome leather, Nude

Asdal leather, White/Light grey

Chrome leather, Polar white

Cyan Men leather, Polar white

Cyan DS leather, Black

Cyan Men leather, Black

Arven DS leather, Black

Carlan leather, China

Arven Men leather, Royal

Asdal leather, White/Blue

Arven Men leather, Dark brown

Arven Suede Sahara Act Series Espadrilles

Arven Men suede, Sahara

Carlan leather, Dark brown

Arven DS leather, Nude

Cyan DS leather, Grey

Cyan DS leather, China

Cyan DS leather, Beige

Cyan DS leather, Polar White

Cyan leather, Bone

Cyan leather, Black

Cyan leather, Polar White

Arven DS leather, China

Arven DS leather, Grey

Arven DS leather, Orange

Arven DS leather, Beige

Arven leather, China

Arven leather, Beige

Arven leather, Orange

Arven leather, Nude

Arven leather, Black

Arven suede, Grey

Arven suede, Light brown

Arven suede, Nude

Carlan leather, Grey

Carlan suede, Graphite

Arven Men leather, Grey

Arven Men leather, China

Cotton drawstring bag

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